Does your student experience any of these?

  • Disorganization and lack of good systems to keep on top of workload

  • Missed deadlines, work not completed or not turned in

  • Stress regarding homework and expectations

  • Low grades

  • Anxiety about testing

  • Falling behind and feeling unsure of how to catch up

  • Lack of effective study skills

  • Concentration challenges

We can help! We're known for our positive, supportive and compassionate tutoring environment.

Thank you for all you guys have done for her. She isn’t nearly as stressed about math as she used to be and Poulsbo Tutoring has been a great help for her! Thank you!
— Mindy J
I learned so much about strategy for the ACT test and it never felt like I was being drilled. The teachers give so much encouragement (and also candy and raffle tickets) that I really felt empowered to succeed.
— Jackie M, Bainbridge High School