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Poulsbo Tutoring has been serving students in North Kitsap for nine years. We are diligent to give excellent academic support and encouragement to students who need a little "extra" in order to experience academic success!

We offer a variety of tutoring help/methods. We work one-on-one or with group sessions that best allow our students to learn and grow. Parents work with us to set up the specific help needed and support the student as they address their work. We would love to meet with you to see if Poulsbo Tutoring might be what you’re looking for and we'll make a plan together.

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Poulsbo Tutoring began in 2005. I seek to understand the individual learning style of my students and then address their specific needs. A positive environment and mutually agreed upon goals make for successful tutoring. Read more...

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"My son took the SAT test his junior year of high school. He decided he wanted to try to improve his results so started a class once per week at Poulsbo Tutoring. When he took the SAT exam again, his scores went up by almost 300 points...."
Caroline B NK Senior Parent

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