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Poulsbo Tutoring has been serving students in North Kitsap for ten years. We are diligent to give excellent academic support and encouragement to students who need a little "extra" in order to experience academic success!

We offer a variety of tutoring help/methods. Parents work with us to set up the specific help needed and support the student as they address their work. We would love to meet with you to see if Poulsbo Tutoring might be what you’re looking for and we'll make a plan together.

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One of our many testimonials

"I am so glad that Kingston High School recommended your tutoring service for my daughter. After many years of struggling on her own and with other tutoring services, she lost confidence in her ability to even master math. Poulsbo Tutoring has helped her rebuild that confidence, pass her high school exams and assisted her with college level classes. She will be retaking her SAT’s this month and I know that she will do well enough to get into the college of her choice. Your patient one on one teaching method was exactly what she needed, and at a reasonable cost. Thank you so much!"
Colleen S, Parent

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Established in 2005, Poulsbo Tutoring has been serving North Kitsap students for over ten years! Together with the student and their parents, we identify the specific area that needs help and make a plan that uniquely supports the student. Read more...

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